Thursday, August 2, 2012

Desserts First!

Well, our uncle took the day off, and my brother wanted to go for an extended car ride across some of the bridges and tunnels that dot the landscape in his car...
Just a highway going through a residential complex in Tsuen Wan.   Nothing special. 
Memories of the 2008 Olympics are still strong around the Sha Tin Racecourse,
where the equestrian events were held.

Eventually, I ended up at Olympic Station (奧運站) in Tai Kok Tsui (大角咀) on the west coast of Kowloon, to meet with Gloria and Antonia again, as Antonia was leaving in a few days.

God's Restaurant (a literal translation form 神廚館) is known as a place that specializes in a few dishes:
Marinated beef brisket:
and octopus cake:
both of which are served with rice.  Delicious.

We were going to go to a cart noodle place afterward, but it didn't open until much later, so we went to this place:
an upscale dessert place.
I had a dark chocolate mousse:
Antonia had a chocolate cake, dusted with gold:
and Gloria had an apple pie.
Very well made and presented, but of course, one pays a price for that kind of stuff.  That pie was $78 ($10.12 CAD).

Bon Bon Café (車品品小食) specializes in cart noodles, a dish where the diner chooses every single part of the meal: the soup, the noodles, and the toppings.
I had thick egg noodles with marinated eggs and back bacon (the menu, which was only in Chinese, said something about "Canada smoked pork steak", so I was curious!) in a beef brisket soup:
and they had thin egg noodles with fish balls and sausage in beef brisket soup.
They charged per topping, so we picked the minimums!

We traveled to Causeway Bay to go karaokeing for a bit...

you can ask them how that went.

Then Gloria had to leave to go eat a buffet at some hotel with her family.  Buffets here, unlike in Toronto, are posh, upscale affairs that typically run over $400 ($51.98 CAD) a head.

I took Antonia back to Sham Tseng for both of our first tastes of its famous roast goose, at Yue Kee.

A jellyfish appetizer:
Shark's fin.  Now, normally, I wouldn't eat this, as it is surrounded by ethical concerns and the mung bean noodle substitute basically tastes and feels the same, but this bowl was less than Gloria's pie at black n white, and Antonia was leaving (apparently, she wouldn't be having a nice farewell dinner before then!)

I learned that there is a bit of difference in the textures of mung bean noodles and shark's fin, but definitely not enough to make it worth the rather disgusting method of finning the sharks.

Stir-fried bok choi - because we need our veggies!
and finally, the goose itself.  We only got half, and that was already more than enough.
Beautifully crispy skin, tender meat, and an overall smoky flavour from the charcoal oven.  Delicious.

I took her to Lucky Dessert, another dessert chain, for our second dessert of the day.
She had mango "pancake", made the same way as the durian pancake I had in Sai Kung:
and I had mango jelly with tofu ice cream.  Yep.  Tofu ice cream.  You put it in your mouth, and it tastes like ice cream, but as it melts, you get a strong taste of tofu.  Very, very interesting.

Hope you're safely home, Antonia. You've got a lot of important things to do before you leave for Ottawa :P

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