Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Looking Back and Looking Forward.

This is Cheung Sha Wan, in the northwest of Sham Shui Po district.

It was where, in 1955, an ancient tomb was uncovered at Lei Cheng Uk (李鄭屋).

Commonly believed to be built during the Eastern Han Dynasty (東漢, AD 25-220), the tomb shows some familiar characteristics:
such as being buried under a rather conspicuous mound of earth.

In other tombs from the time period, the mounds are a lot more obvious, being a random hill in the middle of otherwise flat ground.  This particular one wasn't so easily found, as years of erosion from the mountains beside it have covered it completely.

The interior is shaped like a cross, or the Chinese character for ten (十), with a small alcove at one end, presumably for an urn of ashes.
Various artifacts were found in the tomb, but there was a strange lack of remains, suggesting it may never have been used.

Here's a model of the whole structure.

And here's an illustration of how the Hong Kong coastline has changed over the years.
The tomb was originally by the sea, but over years of reclamation, has moved a few kilometres inland.

The museum was constructed with a park next to it.

Each administrative district in the city has a cube, centrally located:
with some inscriptions on them.

I figured it was time to clean the camera, so we went to a sketchy top floor of an highrise in Mong Kok.

yeah... needs some cleaning.

While that was being done, we headed over to Causeway Bay, where the first Hong Kong branch of eslite (remember that place in Taipei?) just opened.

These photos will be a bit blurry, as I was using my brother's camera.

We had lunch at Pizza Hut.  They sort of have to cater to local tastes here, blending their "regular" stuff with strange, strange ideas...
So... a pizza with a crust made of sausage rolls and cheese rolls, topped with pineapple, pepperoni, chicken,
and peaches, with a Japanese mayo-honey-mustard sauce.  Yep.

A few hours later, we picked up the camera.

and stopped for some stinky tofu on a Mong Kok street corner.

On the bus back.
I though this sketchiness didn't exist on transit here...

Testing out the now clean camera with a 16:9 full shot of the Tsing Ma Bridge:
Nice day.

and a dinner of barbecued pork and roast goose on rice.

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