Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Can't Believe It's Not Meat!

To Tsim Sha Tsui we went:
Where, facing the expansive Hong Kong skyline, was this:

Housing many hundreds of ancient and modern Chinese works of art, the Hong Kong Museum of Art is the centre of the rapidly growing art culture and market in the city.

From ancient ceramics:

and robes:
To modern sculpture, paintings, and even cartoon strips (a temporary exhibition), the museum showcases how Chinese visual arts have evolved over the last three millennia.  Of course, in the modern galleries, photos were forbidden, as these are the livelihoods of living artists.

Leaving the museum, we were meeting relatives for lunch/afternoon tea.  (We had already had a breakfast and a brunch/lunch earlier in the day).  This required us to walk up Nathan Road.

Past the façade of The Peninsula Hotel (whose helipad was used for 2008's The Dark Knight),
we reach the foot of Nathan.

walking past Tsim Sha Tsui and passing Kowloon Park, we see this:
The Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre (九龍清真寺暨伊斯蘭中心), the largest mosque in the city.

We arrive at Miramar Shopping Centre (美麗華商場), where we are to meet those relatives.

Now, my aunt is a vegetarian, so we end up here:
with their display of fake food in front,
and their excellent décor inside.

Chinese vegetarian restaurants usually cater to practicing Buddhists, as they comprise the largest population of vegetarian/vegan eaters in this cultural sphere.

A cherry tomato appetizer:

followed by lamb skewers.
Yeah.  Lamb skewers.  But vegetarian.  You wouldn't be able to tell if you didn't know (unlike veggie burgers.  Disgusting)

A bread bowl of "chicken" curry.

Baguette slices with cheese and avocado.

Wide mung bean noodles with peanut sauce and shredded "chicken".

Braised eggplant with "chicken" slices.
Now this one was thoroughly impressive, as the chicken actually tasted and felt like chicken.

Sea snail meat.
Really.  Almost exactly like the real thing, except without the "sea" taste.

The "fish" was disappointing, as it had the staleness but not the fishiness of low-quality real sushi fish.

And a chicken pizza to finish.

It's really hard to describe the strangeness you feel when you eat something that "walks like a duck and talks like a duck", but turns out to be tofu.

You really have to try it for yourself to know.

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